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All Diseases Are Triggered by Weakened Immune System


Gradually, many more of us are coming to realise the importance of health preservation, hence at all costs are willing to spare nothing just to search for the better regimens. Nonetheless, continuous exposure to news related to deaths caused by cancers terrifies us, makes us live in fear and afraid that if something bad will eventually threaten our health.  


Among the obtainment of knowledge of western and Chinese medicine, it is evident that the causes of numerous diseases still remain unknown. We should come into realisation that when it comes to health preservation, simply by curing the body parts that are or seem to be having issues is not enough. In fact, our body, mind and soul are what we should take care of the most since very often, “emotion” plays the most influential factor that causes the breakage of our health.


Many a time we tend to underestimate the intelligence of our body. A human body contains a set of delicate immune system, and it is not just the immunity that we are talking right here, but the ability of self-diagnosis, management of body’s internal resources and the process of self-repair and revivability.


Our bodys immune system is the first place to be attacked when all kinds of emotions are being produced and released from the body. The human body will hence attack its internal organs as a way to digest its own emotions, thus become one of the causes that lead to the occurrence of unwanted diseases. 


Different emotions attack different organs. Luckily enough, modern medicine is now recognising the relationship between chronic stress and the dysfunction of our immune, digestive and hormonal systems. Our internal organ systems help us process our emotions, which therefore unbalanced or prolonged emotional stress can stress our internal organs hence cause harm to the body. For instances, too much anger can harm the liver; joy brings health to the heart; while grief or sadness can cause pain to the lungs, etc. As a result, gaining some control of our own emotion is a major key to protecting our health. 


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