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GOLDEN LYPRES® — Beauty is a Never-Ending Ambition


“A businesswoman must keep a close eyes on many things, which includes the self-improvement of inner and outer beauty. To me, credibility always comes first, and health would be the next thing that I care about. Only a healthy businessman is capable of successfully managing a business. Thus, this is the reason why I choose GOLDEN LYPRES®.” Recently, business elite Ms Lan Phuong- the champion of 2015 Vietnamese Female Entrepreneur Beauty Contest, proudly claims to the media that “Good things need to be shared”, she thus eagerly introduces GOLDEN LYPRES® to many of her relatives and friends while herself has already been taking it.

She was the managing director at the Southern Petroleum and Minerals Co., Ltd. in Vietnam; whereas presently working as a managing director at the An Phu real estate transaction company. Owning an outstanding talent in all aspects, she is the perfect role model for women in this modern century, and by living with the concept of believing “the perfect beauty is formed by both inner and outer beauty”, she has chosen GOLDEN LYPRES® as her daily health companion.


Great thanks to Ms Lan Phuong for her all-time support and trust as GOLDEN LYPRES® would continue taking good care of your health and beauty.


GOLDEN LYPRES® - Bringing one’s health to the front line.