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Secret Weapon in Fighting Tumour


Metabolism is a constant process that occurs continuously inside our bodies to allow life and normal functioning, it is important to supply enough nutrients in order sustains life and allows cells to grow, develop and repair damage.






















A healthy cellular metabolism must be able to meet the following requirements:                 



1) Sustain a healthy cell cycles by completely duplicate the genetic information encoded 2) Develop a healthy cell membrane.




Without meeting the above 1 & 2 requirements or any mistakes during the division of the genetic materials between cells, can lead to unhealthy or dysfunctional cells.



For instance, UV rays from the sun and chemical from tobacco can cause cell damage, if the damage happens in the part of the DNA that control the cell cycle, the unhealthy cell can grow out of control and become cancerous.



When cancerous cells grow, it can develop into a tumour, which can grow and interfere with healthy tissues, nervous and cardiovascular system. Even though the tumours can be treated surgically, but if the tumours have grown more deeply into nearby tissues, the cancer cells may spread to lymph nodes and other parts of the body.  


With the advances in medical technology, cancer can be treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and etc. Although early diagnosis and treatment of cancer can increase the chances of survival rate up to 90%, but the chance of recurrence in 3 years and 5 years was about 80% and 10% respectively, subjected to different type of cancers, treatments, and age groups. Hence, follow-up care and regular physical examinations are important in the first five years after treatment because this is the when the risk of recurrence is the highest. Many research publications have shown that bioactive nutrients could reduce the side effects of cancer therapy and restore the normal function of damaged tissues and organs. For example taking lycopene (from tomatoes) and resveratrol (from grapes) could improve the immune function and inhibit cancer cells growth.






Good health is the key to happiness. Strong immune system offers the protection from illness and prevent genetic mutation that lead to cancer. Over the years, HSIEHS BIOTECH’s research team had formulated the best combination of high purity lycopene and resveratrol based on the principle of Nutritional Immunology.



HSIEHS BIOTECH’s research shows a significant link between the high antioxidant compounds and activation of body NK cells to fight against cancer cells. For details, refer to the following patent – “