Natural antioxidant
Lycopene & Resveratrol

Why Singapore?


Plant resources are the fundamental sources of biotechnology companies. Singapore, situated right in the heart of Southeast Asia allows us to reach out to an abundant amount of natural resources (tropical plants in particular), within short transport distances. As a result, its geographic location has enriched our production of raw materials, product development as well as manufacturing production. 

Furthermore, Singapore owns the largest port in Southeast Asia, and is accounted as being one of the busiest cities in the world with a highly developed trade-oriented market economy. Thereafter, accessibility would certainly be one of the other major conveniences. The exceptional transport environment and the free trade agreement have allowed Singapore to connect closely with countries and regions coming from all over the world. This hence provides a better product accessibility since some of the economic and political factors and trade barriers will be easier to avoid when it comes to exporting the products to Europe, North & South America, Asia as well as other countries and regions.

Lastly, owning a trustworthy brand image would be the most fundamental reason out of all. Singapore has always been known as the country that ensures and regulates the use of high-quality innovative technology among the fields of business, cultural and educational management as well as the medical industry and urban planning over the years. This has in time created a good brand image and reputation for its nation internationally. Henceforth, Singapore has also enforced strict laws when it comes to food safety control. It is the first country to adopt ISO 22000 as a food safety management system in Southeast Asia. Consequently, the regulation of food safety is relatively strict since all products must undergo a series of qualified food safety inspections; be it the production of local enterprises, import or export trading. This is done in order to avoid unqualified products from entering (or exiting) Singapore’s market illegally.

Singapore has undeniably provided us safety, reliability and trust.