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Official Launching of the English Version of Global Online Shopping Website by Hsiehs Biotech.


In order to meet the purchasing needs of Golden Lypres ® customers, and the accessibility to the products globally, Hsiehs Biotech (Singapore) Pte.Ltd. has officially launched an English version of the global online shopping website to assist the customers who are living and working in Singapore, the United States, Europe and the rest of other countries. The launching of the online shopping service also provides customers another way of purchasing Golden Lypres ®. Hsiehs Biotech has dedicated itself to the fullest to refine this website, and to ensure that the content and product information have all been updated correctly and comprehensively.



How to buy: You may log on to http://www.hsbiotech.com/en and click on "Where to buy", select "Online shopping" or visit it directly from this URL: https://ssl.hsbiotech.com/shop. The launching of the shopping website is accounted as being one of the important development strategies of Hsiehs Biotech. By expanding the area of the product sold, hence to reach out to more customers around the globe, we hope that more people will be able to receive the health benefit provided from Golden Lypres ®. Hsiehs Biotech aims to become one of the world’s leading enterprises among the field of the high-end health supplement production.