Natural antioxidant
Lycopene & Resveratrol



Germany is a highly developed and industrialized country, a world leader in science and technology, engineering, and innovation. The advancement in applied science and research became Germany‘s science and technology, and economic support.  TüV SüD started during the first industrial revolution where steam boilers were first introduced in Germany and has played a critical role in accelerating technology development.



HSIEHS Biotech chooses the most authoritative certification body SÜD (TÜV SÜD) to obtain ISO22000 certification, HACCP certification, GMP certification for our products GOLDEN LYPRES.



Why do we choose TÜV SÜD?

3 selection reasons: global authority, quality consciousness, customer care



Every successful company was driven by the importance/principle of quality, instilling quality awareness throughout the entire process of production, customer service, product delivery and et cetera. HSIEHS Biotech, an international group, engages most authoritative third-party accreditation body for certifying company's global network and expertise, and comprehensive understanding of overseas regulations and policies. The accreditation obtained allows improvement of product raw material and production, increasing the safety standards and reducing factors that could affect product safety and quality with timely correction of product quality issues and management loopholes. Being the world largest and oldest accreditation body, TÜV SÜD holds an incredible international influential power. They provide testing services, certification, information and expert guidance, et cetera. They have about 800 companies worldwide, with approximately 17000 employees striving to provide customers with technical, system and operational support.


HSIEHS Biotech engages TÜV SÜD to obtain ISO22000 certification, HACCP certification and GMP certification for our products GOLDEN LYPRES. This shows our sincerity, professionalism and cautiousness towards our product quality, enabling progressive advancement in a competitive global market and providing products with the consumer in mind.

HSIEHS Biotech has 3 core values – integrity, care, and gratitude. We aim to continuously study and develop fine products to enhance human health. Our vision is to grow into a world leading company in global health industry and becoming the best partner for consumers around the world.