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HACCP refers to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. HACCP system assesses hazards through hazard identification, evaluation and establish control measures that reduce the occurrence of biological, chemical and physical food hazards. This system ensures that the food produced during manufacturing process, processing stage and food preparation are safe to consume.

In short, HACCP system provides standardization of food production operations and minimize the occurrence of hazards.

There are seven basic principles in HACCP which are essential for implementation of the system.

HACCP system is a new food safety model that has greater significance than traditional food safety programs. 



Rational consumers, together with responsible government and conscious corporations, could realize the significance and importance of the implementation of HACCP.

The HACCP system can be applied to any part of the "farm to table" aspect. HSIEHS Biotech incorporated the HACCP system into research and development of GOLDEN LYPRES and marketing chain. By adopting the strictest operation protocol, HSIEHS Biotech ensures that the highest standards are met.


Materials management

To ensure safe and reliable agricultural products, high-quality non-genetically modified seasonal fruits and vegetables are carefully picked and performed strict control inspection.


Production Control

We focus on every detail. It requires the operator to comply strictly with the specifications and strengthen the control of each critical point. In addition, QC are required to conduct regular site inspection so as to ensure that the production process are in compliance with the stringent international standards. Through precise instrumentations and thorough inspection by experienced quality control staff, be assured that our products are consistently in excellent quality!

Quality inspection

QC staff would conduct quality testing based on relevant quality standards on the semi-finished products to ensure good order before proceeding to next stage of production. Quality tests are conducted once again after completion of the finished product packaging. 


Circulation Management

While the product is being circulated globally, it is necessary to establish required health facilities to avoid contamination of the products during transport, storage and delivery process. 

HSIEHS Biotech is determined to produce product with ‘’improving human health through high quality health products “concept in mind. Through our high expectations and standards in controlling the active ingredient content in our product, we assured that they are safe and effective before releasing to the market.


HSIEHS Biotech believes in conducting business ethically and striving continuously for business success and sustainability.