Take control ,
of your own health, with Hsiehs

Having experienced the bustling life, then you realized health is the most important


If time could turn the clock back, the world would not have regret and remorse sigh, people tend to think after losing to cherish everything around. However, when you want to cherish, probably everything has been overtaken time, it’s too late.



In fact, "after losing treasure" is not just personal experience, it is a common characteristic of the whole of humanity. Do not doubt, because this feature is probably from prehistoric to start with, and even has a password in our genes into the. Consider that, we treat history, friendship, affection, freedom, reputation, and even personal health all with this method, this is a concrete manifestation of irrational thinking.



The biggest obstacle blocking the development of human civilization, in fact, is to build up through the painful lessons of wisdom, it will be lost due to the passing of the individual, which is humanity's greatest loss. Even if these wisdom will bequeath to future generations in the form of text, but later when looking at the text does not fully appreciate the personal experience of those behind the words, so it is difficult into our own things. It's like you want to learn to ride a bike, even if the book how to ride a bike to see over and over again many times, and even can back out, but in the first real bike ride will still be wrestling. This is because lots of knowledge only can be got and mastered by your personal experience.


Health management is also like this. Others painful lesson, both cannot really become individual personal experience, cannot become to make the right choice the first time a dominant force. Fortunately, more and more people have realized that through the media and other means, rather than wait for treatment after the disease outbreak, we’d better strengthen health management, and minimize the probability of suffering from the disease.


Chinese saying goes, "sick come as fast as a mountain down, go away as slow as possible." The ancients had a healthy Cheats inform posterity: usually pay attention to prevention, that their good physique and excessive work or play, not pay attention to disease prevention, then the disease will suddenly strikes when you least expect it, even if not to take life too let Congress debilitating; and to get well from disease, it’s not an easy thing to do, the process is very slow, or even live lifelong sequelae(eg infected with hepatitis C virus).


This is exactly the same as municipal building, it is very easy to destroy, a few seconds exploding is enough, however, it will take decades or even longer to rebuild. To know disease prevention than cure costs are much lower! Treatment of a serious illness, ranging from hundreds of thousands, as many lost their precious lives. The routine precautions, you may only need a mere few dollars a day, or even just a little time, a little patience and a little "spare" will be able to achieve better results.


Prevention is better than cure



Golden Lypres reminds everyone that knowledge is power! You just need to be more conscious concern gene, knowledge of health care, health care and the relationship between genes, can help themselves out of ignorance caused unfortunate situation. Do not wait before they got sick had to go to hospital for treatment, use the knowledge to arm ourselves, and practice personally, and prevent "suffering" in the first place!