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Experts tell you there is not a need to turn pale at talking about cancer


As the improvement in medical technology and the propagation velocity of the media, more and more people will have more understanding of cancer, but the incidence rate is still high which would cause public panic. In fact, cancer is just one of many chronic diseases that need a rational treatment.


To understand cancer, we must start from the understanding cancel cells. Cells are the basic unit of all organisms , the various functions of the human body can be interpreted from the cellular level. Each adult tissue cells are in a state of equilibrium , namely the liver , kidneys and limbs cells are maintained at a certain level , so we do not see the human organs will grow unlimited , unrestricted tall nor tall . Cancer cells, which means the cells that only have a limited proliferative capacity but get unlimited proliferative capacity.



"Cancer" in ancient Chinese is a homonym with "rock", which means some hard lumps grow out of people’s body. But modern medicine "cancer" and "tumor" in concept is different. Grow into massive tumors are cancer cells, and cancer cells can be a single, CT (tomography) you can not see. The single cancer cell in that forming in our body, is killed by our immune system before forming a tumor mostly.


In simple terms, tumor is a tumor swollen up in our body, a lump in our body. According to whether they have the ability to transfer can be divided into two major categories of benign and malignant, benign tumors are not transferred by surgical excision can rarely life-threatening; and cancer will transfer to various important organs of the body, continues to grow exponentially, Finally claimed human lives.



In our daily life, in the cognitive of normal people, "cancer" is equivalent to a malignant tumor. Sometimes sarcoma and leukemia two concepts closer to the terminology encountered. Sarcoma, a tumor of muscle cells obtained after the formation of the ability to multiply indefinitely; Leukemia is a certain type of hematopoietic cells which are in charge of produce white cells acquire the ability to multiply indefinitely and survived in large numbers in the blood, also known as leukemia.


Cancer was not foreign pathogens but transferred from normal cells gradually. They can proliferate and form new tissue which does not have the function of normal tissue, its main activity is to keep the consumption of nutrients, squeeze space and more rapid proliferation, but also release some harmful substances which is hazardous to immune system.



Cancer is not a contagious disease. Even if a person is injected into the tumor through the barrel of another person's body, the tumors do not grow up. But whether susceptible to cancer, this feature will genetic. Tumor so horrible, because it is completely superficial grew up in big to get out of hand that genius found.


When the tumor provoke our body's immune system when it’s relatively small , even if it is coming to an end, and soon there will be inflammation, it was destroyed. Therefore, we can be assured that if there has been a local swelling, and can feel pain, that means it’s not a tumor.


When mentioning the causes of cancer, many medical experts will give similar answers: such as eating nitrite exceeded food, too much exposure to radiation element by tumor viruses and the body's own factors. However, from a deeper level to analyze, tumor incidence truth are closely related with it.