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If there is any desire of Qin Shihuang , it must be want to live several more years , want to live forever. That’s why he had ordered XuFu go to Penglai with 3,000 boys and girls and ask for the Immortality drug. In western civilization there are also some yearning for eternal life, as the Bible mentions in the Garden of Eden there is a fruit of life, eat can live forever. In fact, everyone knows that the world does not exist in the elixir of life, only to make people healthy longevity.


What is health? Literally, it means strong, good health, and peace, therefore healthy means "physically strong and not sick." Health is the basis of longevity, health also determines whether you will be favored fundamentally.


Health means more job opportunities.



Although humans have evolved to the society which is brain dominated. but the company recruit staff in 

the election, if there are two applicants that have the similar mental conditions(same graduate, the same 

professional level), without consider the looks, mostly the employer will be not hesitate to choose the one who looks physically strong, this things can happen everywhere. Because a strong man, will rarely sick, can work more overtime, can stay up late, and with higher work efficiency, which means that he can bring greater benefits to the company. Therefore, in today's society, "health" is still an important condition for the survival of competition. 


Health means more opportunities for meeting the “right” partner/spouse



In the animal world, ablebodied male get the power of mating with the whole female of the entire population. It is also true when the spouse, under the same conditions, physically strong side is definitely more vulnerable to get the favor of the opposite sex. Well, it looks strong and healthy, isn’t it? Obviously not exactly. Strong means the "healthy" side, but not means it won’t get sick. The one who looks strong and full of power also has the possibility to have many hidden diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, or carry the hepatitis B virus.


From this point we can understand why middleaged successful men can be more easy to get the favor of the young women. Because fame need good mental, it is also inseparable from the health of the body, so healthy it means being able to have more opportunity to mate. In addition to being a necessary condition for a healthy species surviving in the brutal competition, it is an eternal theme which pursued by humanity strenuously.


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