Natural antioxidant
Lycopene & Resveratrol

Why must be high purity?


Why must be pure natural?


Almost all developed countries in the world do not allow the use of chemical synthesized lycopene and resveratrol in health supplements. This is because the chemical synthesized products will be mixed with the heavy metal catalyst inevitably used in catalytic reaction. Although it is very small amount, after a long time it will accumulate in the human body and eventually caused irreparable health damage. We all know that heavy metal thallium, once enters the human body, it will slowly damage the nerve cells, and it is progressively cannot interrupt the process because thallium cannot be excreted.

There is a painful lesson in the history of the Japanese. A Japanese chemical company (Showa Denko) exported chemical synthesized amino acids - tryptophan to the United States, used as dietary supplements for a long-term period. However, cause deaths. After a long period of investigation, it was found that the tryptophan supplied by Japanese mixed with a very small amount of chemical catalyst, and the impurity mixed in the original export QC detection is simply not detected.

Until now, almost all of the complex organic chemical synthesis has to use heavy metal palladium chemical catalyst, which is why almost all countries have to prohibit the chemical synthesis of dietary supplements for reasons. The harm of heavy metals is far beyond everyone's imagination, and our human predictability is so limited, usually after a problem is learned. However, this cannot be applied to health-related matters as we cannot afford to lose our health, and it would be devastating to lose good health in the act of trying to preserve it.